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Wholesale PolyNail Nail Art Designs

Lemon Slice & Green Leaf Nail Art DesignsWholesale prices are 50% of retail with a minimum $100 purchase ($200 retail value).  All items will arrive packaged for retail sale.  There is a four week turnaround for wholesale orders since all of the canes are individually handcrafted. Every effort is made to ship orders as quickly as possible.

Orders may be placed by phone at (800) 965-4299 or (251) 943-3315, by fax at (251) 943-1716 or you may email orders to us at wholesale@polynail.com.  To order by fax or email simply copy and paste a list of the desired items into an email or Word document, along with the quantity for each, and we will respond with an invoice and payment instructions. 

You could also choose to allow us to create the perfect assortment for you!  Just let us know your budget and preferences and leave the rest to us.  A popular example is 20% flowers, 20% fruit, 10% critters, 10% birds, 10% leaves, 10% holidays and 10% novelties. 

Download our wholesale brochure for more information on wholesale orders of our polymer nail art designs and French tip manicure guides.  Current designs may also be requested in alternate colors, or see our custom order page for information on special requests.



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